flow flow [fləʊ ǁ floʊ] verb [intransitive]
1. if money flows somewhere, such as into a bank account or into a particular country, it is moved there:
flow from/​into/​between etc

• A record $10 billion in foreign capital flowed into Mexican stocks last year.

• Throughout the summer, new savings flowed away from building society accounts.

• Investment trust money has been flowing back into blue chip companies such as Sony and Honda.

2. formal if an event or action flows from something, it is caused by it:
flow from

• The regulations which flowed from the Charities Act forced charities to improve their accounts.

3. if information or ideas flow, people start to exchange information or their ideas so that they can discuss them:

• The meeting was relaxed and suggestions soon started to flow.

* * *

flow UK US /fləʊ/ verb [I]
if money, goods, etc. flow, they move from one company, organization, or place to another in large amounts: »

Capital must flow freely around the world in order to ensure international prosperity.

flow in/out/back »

As revenue comes in it will flow back to investors.

flow into/through/out of sth »

The money flowing into online advertising today is largely from direct marketing companies.

if discussions or ideas flow, people talk and exchange information in a relaxed way: »

Ideas flow more easily in an atmosphere of trust.

flow UK US /fləʊ/ noun [C or U]
a situation in which a large amount of money or goods moves from one company, organization, or place to another: »

Portfolio investment flows generally equate to high interest rates.

a steady/constant flow of sth »

The company is in the enviable position of having no debt and a steady flow of revenue.

the flow of money/goods/resources »

State authorities welcome the flow of money from those seeking city contracts.

a situation in which information and ideas are exchanged between companies or organizations: »

Improving the flow of information between buyers and sellers makes markets more efficient.

a flow of sth »

A shared sense of commitment to a project leads to a free flow of ideas and information.

See also AUDIENCE FLOW(Cf. ↑audience flow), CAPITAL FLOW(Cf. ↑capital flow), CASH FLOW(Cf. ↑cash flow), INVESTMENT FLOW(Cf. ↑investment flow)

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